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Post by Guest on Sat Dec 28, 2013 6:07 am

Copy and paste the following into a new topic in this forum, then fill out the questions thoroughly.

RL part:
- Nickname.
- Gender.
- Age.
- Location.
- Time Zone.

Ragnarok part:
- Character name / level / class.
- what server are you apply for?
- Stats, skills and WoE gears. (screenshot appreciated)
- Explain your job in WoE.
- What consumables do you use for WoE?
- Your previous guilds and/or previous RO servers.
- Which WoEs are you able to attend?
- Why are you applying to this guild?
- Can you use RaidCall/Team Speak 3?
- Also, what other classes can you play/wouldn't mind switching too if needed?

The topic title should contain your character's IGN and class If you can't follow these simple instructions, then you obviously can't read (or don't speak English fluently), in which case your application will be rejected automatically.

Each registered account must post an application within a week of registration, or it will be removed from the database.


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